Startup Squid is a seed-stage accelerator program based in India.

“In a world where the cost to put up a business and the technical barriers to come into a marketplace are decreasing quickly, marketing and brand strategy have become critical to building enterprise value. Startup Squid focuses in this spot and offers a distinctive value to their portfolio with access to some of the best brand managers and marketing strategists in the world today”.


Build an  ecosystem dedicated to nurture young entrepreneurial ideas by creating  unique collaboration  between Startups, Investors and  Mentors which leverages innovations and technology.

Startup Squid is a passionate organisation which facilitates next generation entrepreneurship that blends creativity, innovation, design,  science and emerging technologies to evolve out of the box applications. The primary goal of Startup Squid is to create a large quantity of quality entrepreneurs,This objective aims to seed a new culture where in people choose entrepreneurship as a preferred career option.

What we do

Successful companies are not built at once. Usually they grow slowly, with a few failures interspersed. We will guide start-ups how to turning their great ideas into a successful company. We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and successful investors and know where things can go wrong. Leveraging the experience, we have gained, we help start-ups recognize and deal with challenges in the early stages of their respective businesses that are essential in shaping the company’s future.


If there’s one exceptional asset that a start-up requires, it would be a mentor. With the experience, they have gained through setbacks, failures, hardships and eventual success, they guide founders through hurdles so that they come up the learning curve faster. We provide global mentorship to technology start-ups so they can scale up. A group of mentors and experts help businesses solve everyday problems they face, while giving them a global perspective for future growth.


To keep a company afloat, build up a product or capture a market, capital is the one of the most gripping factor, the lack of which is often the source why a few startups do not grow further than an idea or become successful. We provide funding and access to global investors at various stages to accelerate the growth of start-ups.


Lastly, to gain the anticipated fallout, a business needs exposure to potential markets and a wider global audience. Visibility at an early stage attracts interest from markets and investors, sometimes even acquirers. We consider this as the next most vital feature and facilitate start-ups gain reputation via our relations and platforms.

Meet Our Team

At Startup Squid, Culture as a competitive advantage and strive to create an environment where smart, motivated and creative people succeed.

Sree Krishna


Mr.Sree Krishna is a performance-driven person. Who achieves results at the intersection of strategic leadership, operational excellence, and organizational culture.



Mr.Venju is a results oriented person with a passion for individual and organizational transformation. He is always passionate about coaching and organization to realize better results.

Vijay Kumar


Mr.Vijay capacity building arm and ensure that the services offered provide the best possible value and quality. He brings big picture entrepreneurial approach and technical expertise to the team.



Mr.Bala is Digital Marketer and content creator, Founder of Yellow Tree Digital Media and Marketing Company. Business and Marketing Strategy, positioning, Branding Customer Engagement using the internet and Digital sources.